Monday, May 17, 2010

My Mother

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Hello everyone, I am Andrea's son Peter. As some of you already know, my mother was admitted to the hospital on May 10 and had to have emergency brain surgery. She has been recovering and making progress over the past week and continues to get better with each passing day. It has been a trying time for my family, and I just wanted to let my mother's friends know how she is doing or where she may have went. Thank you to all of you for your well wishes and my mom will be back here posting in no time. Take care.

Friday, May 7, 2010

i will be back on monday!

hi there my friends -- i am so so sorry that i have been slacking but i will be back on monday with some nice posts. it has been a VERY busy week in the land of dog rescue -- my mind has been pulled in many directions and i have not been able to focus here and i apologize but i will be back with some fun things for you! : ) hugs...pops (aka...andrea : ) also sending hugs from pops and basil! yes the original pops in the blue collar : ) hugs your animals for me ok!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

feeling like a trip to wonderland? how about you alice?

i don't know why -- but miss alice in wonderland is on my mind this morning -- maybe that will be my creative process for the day -- we shall see! but i am going to go take a trip into the magical land via a visit to etsy and i shall see what i find!

ok...i don't really crochet but if i did...this is where i would start! how adorable are these little ones from

now tell me this fabric is not absolutely adorable! get those sewing machines out can surely have some fun with this! you can find this at: thisandthatjapan

well if this doesn't make you smile...nothing will! how cute is this!!!! you can find this at: SandysCapeCodOrig

how absolutely adorable is this rendition of the wonderland gang! check this site out...what a wonderful artist! danitashop

well i sure hope you enjoyed your little trip down the rabbit's hole! trip part week on wonderland wednesdays!!!! enjoy and may your day be magical!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a new etsy beginning for me

morning friends! how are you this morning. hope you all are well! i wanted you to know that i opened a new etsy shoppe called The Cottage Market. i really wanted to have a shoppe where i can make adorable and affordable little items that everyone would like. i am still going to run my other shoppes...this is an addition for me and i wanted to share it with you...tell me what you think : )

here are a few of the items that i have and many many more to come!

Monday, April 26, 2010

meatless monday and MORE!

good morning my friends and yes it is meatless monday once again as ALWAYS in my house!

i want you to think pasta (oh so many to choose from...treat yourself and make or buy some FRESH and experience that is sooooooo worth it!)...fresh vegetables...olive oil...garlic...scallions...pesto and/or anything that comes to mind! i find that a splash of good white wine and a squeeze of lemon juice kicks up any oil oil and garlic base sauce and red wine and balsamic vinegar kicks up the red base sauces and i mean enhances the flavor to CREATE!!! serve it up with a salad and everyone will say YUM!!!!! any can't do it wrong!!!!! dig in and all will be happy and you will never miss the meat! i promise! oh yes...don't forget the crusty bread!!!

see you tomorrow -- i just opened a new shoppe on etsy and i will show you some of the goodies in the shoppe! the new shoppe is The Cottage Market please let me know what you think and please send me your hearts! : )

Thursday, April 22, 2010


good morning friends and Happy Earth Day to you all! today is a day to celebrate the earth and to remember we must be the earth's caretaker...a job that is not being done very well at the moment! we must stop and remember all of the steps we can take in our every day life that will make a difference in the end. oh i know that people stop and say "like if i shut my lights off...that is going to make a difference...if a don't run the water so that is going to make a difference...etc..." well bottom line -- it all makes a difference and there is so much we can do to help our mother earth. CELEBRATE every day! we need Earth to stay happy and healthy for all the future generations and for ours now. when i think about it...the word RESPECT comes to mind...we need to show everything on this earth RESPECT and it will flourish...the oceans and all it's incredible inhabitants, the earth, the rain forest, the skies, the air...every square inch if we showed respect this earth would be a better place for it.

A few things you can do to celebrate

eat GREEN!!!! have salads...pasta with tons of local your local farms...not only are you helping the animals but by cutting down on your meat intake...the methane gas in the air is decreased. try it -- i do it every day and it is wonderful! being veggie is not hard at is a joy!

create a bird feeder or bird house with your little one...not only is it fun but you are teaching a new generation the importance of our mother earth and it's the birds will certainly thank you for it!

recycle...this should just be a part of your life...second nature!!!! create a craft with recycled materials...easy and fun!

give up bottled water!!!! get that filter and reusable water is mind boggling how much plastic is not used and how the land fills decrease with this one easy step.

grow your own veggies...plan for your new garden! oh the rewards are so delicious!

plant a tree in your yard or donate in someone's honor or memory...such a wonderful thing.

remember to respect the animals that are on our earth...treat them with dignity and respect.

change a light bulb oh so simple.

drop your water temperature by 1 degree.

spread the word to everyone...remind them that all the little things they do are so incredibly important and they do make a difference!

enjoy the day my friends and think GREEN!