Friday, March 12, 2010

The flight of the hummingbird

I was really thinking of my mother this week so i created something new featuring the hummingbird...pretty little silver bobbies... so I thought I would share with you my hummingbird story. The rapid winged hummingbird is very special to my family...For over 10 years we had a pretty little hummingbird feeder in our yard, hanging from the Dogwood tree. We kept in filled with sweet nectar and red ribbons flowing from the bottom and still there were no hummingbirds. Kept the vigil going, but still no fast winged beauties appeared. My Mother lived with us all of our married life...she was a part of everything in our lives and fortunately got to see her grandchildren(they called her Hema). She was very ill for almost 10 years and became bedridden and we cared for her at home the entire you can imagine when she passed we were all so distraught, especially me. I needed some sort of peace with all of this... I didn't know what to do to calm myself down, I prayed which of course helped so much but I made a secret wish, I asked my mother to send me a sign to let me know she was ok. Of course I would not ask something that was easily accomplished so I asked her to send me a hummingbird and that way I knew she was in a wonderful place. Well, I told NO ONE of this wish! Absolutely NO ONE. A week after she had passed, my husband and son were in the backyard and I heard these screams! MOM get out here, you have to see. I flew outside and there was a hummingbird fluttering at the feeder...FIRST TIME EVER! Can you imagine my delight and when I told the family they were in "happy tears". So the hummingbird is so special to us all and I love to share this uplifting story with everyone...a little bit of hope goes a long way. Love you Mom.

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  1. That is such a sweet, sweet memory! Such an example of a miracle. I hope you feel your mom's presence with you each day as she watches you from above!