Thursday, March 25, 2010

Salt and Pepper!

Last night as I was cooking and using a large amount of fresh cracked pepper as I usually do (everyone in this house hold LOVES fresh ground pepper in abundance) my hand grew tired and I remembered the days when Mom has fun and unique salt and pepper shakers on the table and in the hutch. You see we also use course grain salt and that is in a little salt box with a spoon. I kind of miss those interesting little details in the kitchen but I do love the taste of fresh so I just did a little search on Etsy and had tons of fun doing so! Take a peek and add a little spice into your day! These are so much fun but when all is said and done...I will still be grinding my pepper and sprinkling my course salt...ah the sacrifices we make for flavor!

How cute are these two love geese from

How perfect are these vintage cuties for Easter Sunday by

speaking of cute are these little vintage cuties from

how about these little vintage dachshunds (how can I refuse a doxie) these are from tooooooo cute! Remember to opt to ADOPT the real thing! (sorry i couldn't resist! : )


  1. I love all those salt 'n' pepper sets...really cute! Thanks for popping in to my blog.Lovely to meet you.Am just going to have a little look around your blog too!

    Bellaboo ;0)

  2. Oh.....I thought I recognized some things when I popped in over here. Thanks Andrea for showing off my little geese salt and pepper shakers!!

  3. I LOVE S&P sets! Thanks for including my shakers in your post - Happy Easter Pops!!