Monday, March 15, 2010

Happy Monday...Paper Perfection

photo from Tinsel Trading Company Website

Morning to everyone! Needed a little cheering up this gloomy monday morning in rainy New i clicked into the wonderful world of Tinsel Trading Company
what an absolute treasure this shoppe is...filled with everything one dreams about to create amazing desserts for the eyes!!!!! Look at these yummy papers...are you hungry for more...grab a hot cup of your favorite in and have tons and tons of fun. Wishing you all a picture perfect day...Art Opera is less than 4 weeks away...getting excited more and more each day! Hugs to all...pops


  1. Wow- those papers look gorgeous!! They look like they have such a wonderful texture! How come Wonkavision (from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) hasn't been really invented yet?! :)

  2. These papers are just stunning!Oh the possibilities!