Wednesday, April 28, 2010

feeling like a trip to wonderland? how about you alice?

i don't know why -- but miss alice in wonderland is on my mind this morning -- maybe that will be my creative process for the day -- we shall see! but i am going to go take a trip into the magical land via a visit to etsy and i shall see what i find!

ok...i don't really crochet but if i did...this is where i would start! how adorable are these little ones from

now tell me this fabric is not absolutely adorable! get those sewing machines out can surely have some fun with this! you can find this at: thisandthatjapan

well if this doesn't make you smile...nothing will! how cute is this!!!! you can find this at: SandysCapeCodOrig

how absolutely adorable is this rendition of the wonderland gang! check this site out...what a wonderful artist! danitashop

well i sure hope you enjoyed your little trip down the rabbit's hole! trip part week on wonderland wednesdays!!!! enjoy and may your day be magical!


  1. Such cute discoveries, those crochet patterns an excellent idea, final product would make the cutest gift.
    Thx for sharing <3

  2. aren't they the cutest missypixiedoodle! i just thought they were as sweet as they could be! thanks for dropping by! : )