Thursday, April 1, 2010

hippity hoppity and rabbit rescue

in memory of guido...1996-2002

morning friends! well Easter is right around the corner and many many people surprise their children and family with a friendly furry friend. unfortunately many of these precious little ones wind up in rescue because people think they are adorable but do not realize the time -- effort -- expense and care they they need tons of love that they so deserve. one of our friends from the CSSTEAM on etsy...suzanne maccrone from italiangirlingeorgia has always had a love to rabbits and always has her beloved guido in her heart and she has shared that love with her son and adopted a rescue rabbit named gucci! please drop by and read the story of guido and gucci. it is heartwarming and this is the perfect time of year for this uplifting story of love.

meet gucci!
remember...opt to adopt : )

please stay tuned tomorrow for another post on italiangirlingeorgia that i know you are going to love!

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