Monday, April 26, 2010

meatless monday and MORE!

good morning my friends and yes it is meatless monday once again as ALWAYS in my house!

i want you to think pasta (oh so many to choose from...treat yourself and make or buy some FRESH and experience that is sooooooo worth it!)...fresh vegetables...olive oil...garlic...scallions...pesto and/or anything that comes to mind! i find that a splash of good white wine and a squeeze of lemon juice kicks up any oil oil and garlic base sauce and red wine and balsamic vinegar kicks up the red base sauces and i mean enhances the flavor to CREATE!!! serve it up with a salad and everyone will say YUM!!!!! any can't do it wrong!!!!! dig in and all will be happy and you will never miss the meat! i promise! oh yes...don't forget the crusty bread!!!

see you tomorrow -- i just opened a new shoppe on etsy and i will show you some of the goodies in the shoppe! the new shoppe is The Cottage Market please let me know what you think and please send me your hearts! : )

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