Tuesday, April 27, 2010

a new etsy beginning for me

morning friends! how are you this morning. hope you all are well! i wanted you to know that i opened a new etsy shoppe called The Cottage Market. i really wanted to have a shoppe where i can make adorable and affordable little items that everyone would like. i am still going to run my other shoppes...this is an addition for me and i wanted to share it with you...tell me what you think : )

here are a few of the items that i have and many many more to come!


  1. Lovely! Everything you come up with is so creative! Always thinking of something new! Kinda like me... we are creative souls!Your new shop is adorable!Wishing you lots of new sales!

  2. I love your new shop and wish you much success!! All of your items are so pretty!

  3. oooh- looks wonderful!!! I can't wait to go shopping :)

  4. Your new shop looks great! Hope it is a big success!