Monday, April 19, 2010

meatless monday and AVOCADOS!

morning friends! how are you this morning and happy meatless monday to you you know every day is meatless for me but i wanted to share some vegetarian experiences with you all and hopefully you will add a meatless meal to your is wonderful for your health...the environment and mostly for the animals : ) ok -- i have a new obsession and it is AVOCADOS! yes -- the fabulous green delight that you love so well as guacamoli (a big YUM!!!!) but i am eating it every day in a very simple form...i just take a nice ripe avocado, slice it in half -- tap my knife into the pit -- twist and remove and then i scoop it out into a bowl -- mash it a bit -- squeeze a quarter of a fresh lemon or lime on it -- add salt and pepper (i add hot pepper flakes) mix lightly and then put this delicious mixture on a nice piece of 12 grain toast -- but into twelve pieces and there is my breakfast...only 250 calories -- loaded with protein and HEART healthy natural avocado oils -- rich with nutrients and oh so tasty! give it a try! add your own slant to it which i do all the time but for breakfast i love it just like this! it is rich -- creamy -- the toast adds crunch and it is yummy and satisfying...give it a try! : )

OH SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM!!!!! i love HASS!!!! have a great day and i will see you tomorrow!


  1. I love avocados Andrea! Sounds yummy! Avocados are a great source of minerals and healthy fat and 250 calories for a healthy breakfast is great!

  2. they are yummy miss southern and they are sooooo good for you! try it -- you'll LOVE IT!!!! i feel like i am having something very rich and decadent when i have it and feel really nice and full : ) it's a good thing : ) hugs!