Tuesday, April 6, 2010

when is a bathroom art???

morning friends! well sometimes you find something that you have to share and today i have one of those little treats for you. there is a gem of an art world tucked into the gorgeous suburb of summit new jersey the visual art center of new jersey and it is the a place where art comes alive...exhibitions...clasess...workshop...lectures...special events...and so much more! the walls are filled with magic for the eyes! every where you turn there is something else to gaze upon. now you would think i would be sharing those creations with you but no...i had to show you the bathroom...yes the bathroom! a group of ceramic students got together and had a brainstorm that took them 18 months to complete. they felt as though art should touch every fiber of the center so the bathroom had to be included...this is a bathroom where no magazines are required...just stare at the walls as the mosaics come to life and enjoy!


  1. Whozers !!!!!!What a great job these students did. I am speechless! You are right, no news paper required...(smile)
    It is beautimus, wish I could look around and see everything. I mean everything...

  2. What a masterpiece! That's absolutely beautiful work - thanks for sharing it!

  3. That bathroom is sooooooo beautiful and amazing.
    You couldn't possibly need a magazine in here!!!

  4. Now thats being artistic to the highest degree!!!
    Very cool!

  5. Gorgeous bathroom!! Now, what did I come in here for???? Can't believe my eyes!